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I am a DONA-trained labor and birth doula (currently working towards certification) and a member of the NYC Doula Collective.


I have been fascinated by birth, in all its forms, since I was very young. I was born at home with the aid of a midwife and remember my younger sister's birth (which was attended by the same midwife, nearly five years later) vividly. Growing up, my godmother was a midwife who worked for legislative change regarding birth choice in our state and my mother was a pre and perinatal massage therapist and labor doula. My sister is now a midwife herself, and after witnessing her journey through her midwifery program, I was inspired to embark on my own path as a labor and birth doula. 

I believe that birth should—and can—be empowering, beautiful, and creative. My job, as a doula, is to understand your birth vision and do everything in my power to help you realize it. I am comfortable assisting you in a hospital, birth center, or home birth setting. I don't think there is any "right" way to birth and I look forward to elevating your voice and preferences as you embark on this journey.  


Birth Doula Support Package

  • A complimentary meet-and-greet, either in person or virtually

  • Unlimited support via text, email, and phone

  • Resources of recommended practitioners, books, childbirth education classes, and postpartum support

  • 1-2 prenatal sessions to discuss questions and concerns, birth goals and preferences, comfort measures, coping techniques, and more

  • 24/7 on-call support from 37 to 42 weeks

  • Continuous physical and emotional support throughout your labor and birth

  • Immediate postpartum support for 1-2 hours after your baby is born 

  • 1 postpartum check-in within one week of your birth to talk about your birthing experience, make referrals, and help with early postpartum needs

Doula services can be combined with writing and illustration services, which include a written account of your family's birth story and an original illustration.

I believe that birth support should be accessible to everyone and therefore offer sliding-scale community support.

Please contact me to discuss rates and schedule your complimentary meet-and-greet!

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